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Strategic Consulting To Start Ups 

As a Startup what you need most are Paying Customers and Funding.

As a consultant specializing in helping startups, what I do is help you find them and win them.

My main strengths lie in assisting Startups with finding the Right Customers for their offering, establishing an executable Go-to-Market Plan with  sustainable Pricing and reaching out to the potential Customers and selling to them.

I also assist the team in preparing to pitch to investors by coaching them on the pitch and helping them prepare the needed materials.

I do Marketing Research, write Business and Financial Plans, teach Management tips and help create Investors' decks.

Here are few things that my customers told me about myself:

"Your service goes well beyond expectation"

   "You really take my success to heart"

      "Your positive attitude is a real boost"

Strategic Consulting to High-tech firms

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