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Yair Peled  .  Owner and CEO

Hi, I'm Yair Peled
I'm a consultant, lecturer and mentor to entrepreneurs.

I help entrepreneurs of all stages - from those just starting out for the first time with an idea and nothing else, to those who already are well on their way to success and need assistance in planning and setting up global operations over 5 continents.

I speak with and consult to between 10 to 20 entrepreneurs every single week, and I'm proud to call many of them friends.

Most of the work I'm been asked to help with revolve around Marketing (Product-Market Fit, Go-To-Market plans), Strategy (Business planning, Business models) and Sales (Sales training, Pitching, Presentations), but I also assist in Operation planning, Management training and Financial issues.

In the past, I've held senior positions in Telecom, Software and Electronics companies doing global businesses.

I've initiated, led or been otherwise involved in several thousands of business deals in 26 countries around the world totaling nearly $1B of revenue.

I've worked directly with almost 1,000 people coming from a great variety of professional, cultural and personal backgrounds. This has led me to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to work in a global environment, what it takes as an Israeli to do business globally and build a global businesses and what it takes to manage global teams with varied cultural backgrounds.

I've been involved in 1 IPO on NASDAQ, and 1 IPO in TLV

I've been partner to 2 mergers done in Israel

Since 2014 I'm an independent consultant focusing exclusively on working with entrepreneurs.

I'm a mentor in 6 accelerator programs - Mass Challenge Israel, A3I, IDC, Made in Jaffa, Tsofen and Hubanana

As a mentor in MC Israel 2017 program, I mentored the teams that later won all 4 first places.

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