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I offer one on one consulting services to entrepreneurs on the below subjects:


How to find your Product-Market Fit, and devise your Go-To-Market Plan.

Doing Market Research and Analysis and deciding on your Messaging, Marketing Channels, Pricing and Positioning.

Tips and Guidance on different business cultures in around the world and how to best approach them.


Deciding on the best Business Model for your venture and writing down your Business Plan.

Transforming Business Plans and Models into a Financial Plan showing Cash-flow needs.

Preparations of Presentations, One-Pager and Pitch for Investors.


Sales Training (especially for those who never sold directly before)

Improving Sales Pitches

How to write and present Sales Presentations


Logistics Planning

Choosing the right Distribution Channels

HR vs. Outsource Planning

Project Management Training



Management Coaching (especially for those who never managed employees before)

Time Management

Priority Setting
Team Building

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