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Management Consulting

My management consulting service is divided into 2 categories -


Management consulting for small business

How to set the right priorities for myself?

How to get customers?

How do I improve my selling skills?

How to recruit an employee that is right for me?

What are the dos and don'ts of managing employees?

How do I manage my finance?

Management consulting for large firms

How can improve results for my company for next year?

Where can I improve operations?

What are some best practices that I might learn from?

What are the trends in the market?

What is my biggest risk or bottleneck and how to deal with it?

How do I scale the business farther?

If some of the above questions are much on your mind and troubling you, I offer assistance in these matters. Bringing my 17+ years of experience in senior management to bear on your problems.

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Strategic Consulting to High-tech firms

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