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Strategic Consulting to high-tech firms

As a high-tech firm competing in a fast paced, innovative and competitive market several issues are always a major concern.

How do I keep my competitive edge with Customers?

What should be my long term strategy?

How do I scale to other countries successfully?

How best to invest my efforts for the coming year?

What are the best practices in operations and logistics that can save me money?

How to improve collection from customers without losing customers?

As a strategic consultant with over 17 years experience I can help you with finding the specific answers to the above questions that custom-fit your company.

I have experience with working with over 800 people, from 50 different specializations and from 25 countries.

I have experience in making and IPO on the NASDAQ and in TLV.

I have managed more than 1.1B NIS in budgets and assisted in deals and settlements totaling over 3.5B NIS.

Here are few things that my customers told me about myself:

"You do exceptional work, and more amazingly, you do it very fast"

"It was a pleasure working with you"

"Your ability to see all aspects of the problem together is amazing and very helpful"

Strategic Consulting to High-tech firms

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