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StartUp Case Study   #1
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Dec 2016


A short case study of work I've recently finished with one of my customers – a very talented and motivated entrepreneur with an extraordinary product.


The customer called me in the beginning of October and asked me to help her prepare her business and financial plans and prepare for meeting potential investors.


She especially wanted to know how to present, which items to emphasize and how much to ask for.


We worked all through the holidays in October and until mid-November and formulated a complete business plan with a detailed list of actions to be carried out and the order for them to be carried out in.


At the beginning of December, she began implementing the first recommended action – making a tour among potential customers, showing the products, raising interest and collecting LOIs (Letter Of Interest).


And the results?


When she returned at the end of December she had over 3 dozen signed LOIs from customers ranging from Enterprises to SOHOs, and also several signed Purchase Orders for her products, which didn't yet finish development, totaling several tens of thousands of dollars.

Case Study #2

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Case Study #3

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